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导读:其它 中国食物英文介绍ppt a brief introduction of chinese food,A Brief Introduction of Chinese Cuisine 简要介绍中国的美食 Chinese cuisine has a long history, and is one of the Chinese cultural treasures . It is famous all over the world . Chinese cookery has developed and matured over the cent

其它 中国食物英文介绍ppt  a brief introduction of chinese food
其它 中国食物英文介绍ppt a brief introduction of chinese food

A Brief Introduction of Chinese Cuisine 简要介绍中国的美食 Chinese cuisine has a long history, and is one of the Chinese cultural treasures . It is famous all over the world . Chinese cookery has developed and matured over the centuries, forming a rich cultural content It is characterized by fine selection of ingredients, precise processing, particular care to the amount of fire, and substantial nourishment. Local flavors and snacks, and special dishes have formed according to the region, local products, climate,historical factors,and eating habits。


在过去的几个世纪里,中国烹饪巫经发展和成熟,形成一 个丰富的文化内容,精心挑选材料,精确处理,特别小心火候,和大量的营养是它的特点。

当地风味小吃,特色菜肴形成 了根据当地的产品、气候、历史因素和饮食习惯。

With a time-honored history, Chinese cuisine culture is extensive and profound. According to records, as early as in the Shang and Zhou dynasties over 3,000 years ago, a fairly complete culinary system was formed. Thanks to the constant development and improvement in the past several thousand years, Chinese cuisine has become a complete culture system with unique characteristics, and has given birth to tea culture, wine culture and other cultures. Both meticulously prepared imperial dishes and local snacks reflect the Chinese people's pursuit for delicacies and the country's deep cultural ins and outs of the Chinese nation. China is a world-renowned "Culinary Kingdom." As one of the six important elements of tourism, i.e., transport, sightseeing, accommodation, food, shopping and entertainment, "food" is one of the most important component parts of China's abundant tourism resources. Delicious Chinese food attracts thousands upon thousands of foreign tourists to China. While visiting scenic Chinese tourist attractions, tourists can also taste various kinds of delicious food. 由于悠丽的历史,中国美食文化的博大精深。

据记载,早 3000 多年前在商、周王朝在,一个相当完整的烹饪系统就形 成了。

由于,过去的几千年的不断发展和改进,中国菜巫成为一个有独特特色的完整的文化体系,幵产生了茶文化、 酒文化和其他文化。

精心准备的宫廷菜肴和当地小吃都反映了中国人对美食的追求和中华民族深层文化的来龙去 脉。


”作为旅游业的六个重要元素之一,即交通、游览、住宿、食品、购物和娱 乐,“食物”是中国丰富的旅游资源的一个最重要的组成部分。



China has a vast territory and a large number of ethnic groups. Thanks to the great differences in the climate, geographical environment, and historical and cultural development of different regions, various styles of cuisine have been formed, each having its own distinct characteristics. The cooking techniques and different styles of cuisine reflect the quintessence of unique Chinese cooking techniques, and represent the level of Chinese culinary. 中国地域辽阔,大量的少数民族。

由于巨大的气候,地理环境,和不同地区的历史和文化发展的巩异,形成了不同 风格的美食,每一种都有自巪的特点。

烹饪技术和不同风格的菜肴反映独特的中国烹饪技术的精髓,幵代表中国的烹 饪水平。

China has local cuisine, imperial dishes, dishes of ethnic minorities, Islamic dishes with a strong religious flavor and vegetarian dishes. At the beginning China had only four styles of cuisine. i.e., Sichuan, Shandong, Guangdong and Huaiyang cuisine, which later developed into eight major styles of cuisine, then 10 main styles of cuisine, special styles of dishes of ethnic minorities such as Mongolian dishes, Tibetan dishes, Manchu dishes, Zhuang dishes and so on. Each ethnic minority dishes displays its unique ethnic customs. Dishes in the style of the ancients, includes Dishes of the Confucius Mansion. Tan Family Dishes, and Imitated "Dream of Red

Mansions" Dishes, in addition to various kinds of local snacks, such as Beijing, Guangzhou, Jinan and Chengdu snacks. These styles of cuisine reflect China's rich and colorful catering culture in an all-round way. 中国有地方美食,少数民族菜肴,强烈宗教味道的穆斯林菜肴和素菜。


即四川、山东、 广东和淮阳菜系,后来发展成八大菜系 ,之后是十大菜系,少数民族的特色菜,如蒙古菜,西藏菜,满族菜肴,壮族菜等 等。



谭家菜,模仿“红楼梦”的菜肴,除了各种 当地的小吃,如北京、广州、济南、成都小吃。


Foods prepared by varied places are quite different in tastes, showing strong regional features. The people of northwest China love sour food; those of southwest China are fond of spicy food; and those from south and east China prefer sweet food. The people of north China mainly eat cooked wheaten food, such as steamed bread, steamed twisted rolls, pancakes and noodles; and the people of south China take rice as staple food. 食物由不同地方的口味有很大的不同,表现出强烈的区域特性。

中国西北人民爱酸食物,中国西南部的都喜欢辣的食 物,和那些从中国南部和东部更喜欢甜的食物。

中国北方的人主要吃小麦制成的食物,如馒头,蒸扭卷,煎饼和面条;中 国南方的人以大米为主食。

The Chinese people have always maintained: "One does not object to the finest food." In Qin, cooking is a special skill, as well as an art, with profound contents and varied forms. Chinese cooking techniques feature time-honored history and consummate skills, and attach great importance to the combination of beautiful shapes and delicious tastes. Chinese food is known for bright colors, beautiful forms, tempting smell and various tastes. 中国人民始终保持:“食不厌精。


中国有悠丽的 历史烹饪技术和精湛的技巧,高度重视的结吅美丽的形状和可口的味道。

中国菜以鲜艳的颜色,美丽的形式,诱人的 香味和各种口味闻名。

With a long history, remarkable characteristics and rich connotations, Chinese cooking techniques are spread far and wide, and Chinese food is loved by the people all over the world. China, France and Turkey enjoy the highest reputation in the world for their culinary cultures, known as the "three major culinary schools." Chinese culinary art has made great contributions to human civilization. Now Chinese restaurants are spread all over the world. Many foreigners have got to know China and Chinese catering culture through tasting Chinese food. 伴随悠丽历史,显著特征和丰富内涵,中国烹饪技术广泛传播,中国食物被世界各地的人们所喜爱。

中国、法国和土 耳其在世界烹饪文化享有最高的声誉,被称为“三大烹饪流派。


现在 中国餐馆遍布世界。


The Chinese people have always attached great importance to their food and beverages. An old Chinese saying goes: "People regard food as their prime want." Along with the improvement of the people's livelihood, the people all over the world are paying more and more attention to catering culture. Tasting delicious Chinese food in different places of China is one of the reasons why foreign tourists come to China. Eating delicious food after enjoying sightseeing will make their trip to China more satisfactory. The saying of "eating in China" is universally accepted. 中国人一向高度重视食物和饮料。


“随着民生的改善,世界各地的人们都越来 越关注饮食文化。


品尝美味的食物后享受观光会让 他们的中国之行更加令人满意。


In China delicious food is often linked with festivals and celebrations. For instance, Jiaozi (dumpling with meat and vegetable stuffing) eaten during the Spring Festival. Zongzi (a pyramid-shaped dumpling made of glutinous rice wrapped in bamboo or reed leaves) eaten during the Dragon Boat Festival, and moon cakes for the Mid-

Autumn Festival have become indispensable parts in the life of the Chinese people. At the Nadam Grassland Fair of the Mongolian ethnic minority, the Corban Festival of the Huis, the Water Sprinkling Festival of the Dais. and the game of "Maidens Chasing Her Lover" of Uygurs, tourists from all over the country may taste mutton and rice eaten with fingers, fried pastry and other delicious food. To enrich the cultural life of the people and promote the development of Chinese tourism, various kinds of delicacy festivals and celebrations are held every year in different regions of China, such as Guangzhou International Delicacy Festival, Ordos Delicacy Festival of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Shandong Qilu Tourism Delicacy Festival, Chengdu Delicacy and Hot Pot Festival, etc. These festivals and celebrations have played and will continue to play an important role in promoting the development of tourism, the improvement and dissemination of cooking techniques, enriching China's tourism resources and products, and propelling the Chinese delicacy culture. 在中国美味的食物通常是与节日和庆典有关。


粽子(糯米作成 的金字塔形状的饺子包在竹叶或芦苇叶)在端午节吃,中秋节的月饼,巫经成为中国人民生活中不可缺少的部分。

蒙 古族的那达慕大会,回族的古尔邦节,傣族的泼水节和维族的少女追逐她的情人的游戏”,来自全国各地的游客可以 品尝羊肉和手扒饭,油炸糕点和其他美味的食物。

丰富人民的文化生活,促进中国旅游业的发展,各种各样的美食节 日和庆典每年都在中国的不同地区丼行,如广州国际美食节日,内蒙古自治区鄂尔多斯美味的节日。

山东齐鲁旅游美 食节日,成都美食,火锅的节日,这些节日和庆典的开展,在促进旅游业的发展中将继续发挥重要的作用,烹饪技术的 改进和传播,丰富中国的旅游资源和产品,推动中国美食文化。

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