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导读:中国饮食文化中英文ppt,For most foreigners, “Chinese food” usually implies a lot of deep-fried, strong-flavored and greasy dishes that all taste similar. However, for Chinese people, “Chinese food” is a concept as useless as “German beer,” because, li


For most foreigners, “Chinese food” usually implies a lot of deep-fried, strong-flavored and greasy dishes that all taste similar. However, for Chinese people, “Chinese food” is a concept as useless as “German beer,” because, like Chinese culture in general, Chinese food is extremely diverse. China covers a large territory and has many nationalities; hence there is a wide variety of Chinese foods, each with quite different but fantastic and mouthwatering flavors. Because China's local dishes have their own typical characteristics, Chinese food can be divided into eight regional cuisines, the distinction of which is now widely accepted. Certainly, there are many other local cuisines that are famous, such as Beijing Cuisine and Shanghai Cuisine. 对于大多数外国人,“中国菜”通常意味着很多油炸,浓厚的风味和油腻的菜,味道都相似。

然而,对中国人而言,“中国菜”是一个概念,无用的“德国啤酒,“因为,像一般的中华文化, 中国的食品是非常多样的。




Shandong Cuisine Consisting of Jinan cuisine and Jiaodong cuisine, Shandong cuisine, clean, pure and not greasy, is characterized by its emphasis on aroma, freshness, crispness and tenderness. Shallots and garlic are frequently used as seasonings so Shandong dishes taste pungent. Soups are given much emphasis in Shandong cuisine. Thin soups are clear and fresh while creamy soups are thick and taste strong. Jinan chefs are adept at deep-frying, grilling, pan-frying and stir-frying while Jiaodong chefs are famous for cooking seafood with a fresh and light taste. Typical menu items: Bird's Nest Soup; Yellow River Carp in Sweet and Sour Sauce山东菜 由济南菜和胶东菜,山东菜,干净,纯洁而不油腻,以其香,鲜重,脆、嫩。

洋 葱和大蒜是常用的调料,山东菜味道辛辣的。


薄汤是 清晰而新鲜奶油汤厚、味浓的。

济南厨师擅长炸,烤,炒炒,胶东厨师和烹饪海 鲜的鲜淡而著名。

典型的菜单项:王府清汤官燕;糖醋黄河鲤鱼Sichuan Cuisine Sichuan Cuisine, known more commonly in the West as “Szechuan,” is one of the most famous Chinese cuisines in the world. Characterized by its spicy and pungent flavors, Sichuan cuisine, with a myriad of tastes, emphasizes the use of chili. Pepper and prickly ash are always in accompaniment, producing the typical exciting tastes. Garlic, ginger and fermented soybean are also used in the cooking process. Wild vegetables and meats such as are often chosen as ingredients, while frying, frying without oil, pickling and braising are used as basic cooking techniques.

It can be said that one who doesn't experience Sichuan food has never reached China. Typical menu items: Hot Pot; Smoked Duck; Kung Pao Chicken; Water-Boiled Fish; Tasty and Spicy Crab; Twice Cooked Pork; Mapo Tofu四川菜 四川菜,在西方通常被称为“四川,”是一个在世界上最著名的中国菜系。

具有辛 辣和刺激性的味道,四川菜,有多种口味,着重使用红辣椒。

辣椒和花椒,总是 在伴奏,产生典型的刺激的味道。


野生 蔬菜和肉类,如经常选择的成分,而油炸,油炸无油,腌制和文火炖煮作为基本 的烹饪技巧。


典型的菜单项:火锅;熏鸭;宫保鸡丁;水煮鱼;可口、香辣蟹;回锅肉;麻婆 豆腐Guangdong (Cantonese) Cuisine Tasting clean, light, crisp and fresh, Guangdong cuisine, familiar to Westerners, usually has fowl and other meats that produce its unique dishes. The basic cooking techniques include roasting, stir-frying, sauteing, deep-frying, braising, stewing and steaming. Steaming and stir-frying are most frequently used to preserve the ingredients' natural flavors. Guangdong chefs also pay much attention to the artistic presentation of their dishes. Typical menu items: Shark Fin Soup; Steamed Sea Bass; Roasted Piglet; Dim Sum (a variety of side dishes and desserts)广东菜系(粤语) 品尝干净,轻,脆鲜,广东菜,为西方人所熟知,通常有鸡和其他肉类,产生其 独特的菜肴。


蒸炒最常用于 保存天然风味成分。


典型的菜单项:鱼翅汤;清蒸石斑鱼;烤乳猪;点心(各种小菜和点心)Fujian Cuisine Combining Fuzhou Cuisine, Quanzhou Cuisine and Xiamen Cuisine, Fujian Cuisine is renowned for its choice seafood, beautiful color and magical tastes of sweet, sour, salt and savory. The most distinct feature is their "pickled taste." Typical menu items: Buddha Jumping Over the Wall; Snow Chicken; Prawn with Dragon's Body and Phoenix's tail福建菜 福州菜,泉州菜,厦门菜,福建菜以其精选的海鲜,漂亮的色泽,神奇的甜,酸, 咸和香。


” 典型的菜单项:佛跳墙;雪鸡;龙的身体和凤凰尾虾

Huaiyang Cuisine Huaiyang Cuisine, also called Jiangsu Cuisine, is popular in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River. Using fish and crustaceans as the main ingredients, it stresses their freshness. Its carving techniques are delicate, of which the melon carving technique is especially well known. Cooking techniques consist of stewing, braising, roasting, and simmering. The flavor of Huaiyang Cuisine is light, fresh and sweet and its presentation is delicately elegant. Typical menu items: Stewed Crab with Clear Soup, Long-boiled and Dry-shredded Meat, Duck Triplet, Crystal Meat, Squirrel with Mandarin Fish, and Liangxi Crisp Eel淮阳菜 淮阳菜,又叫江苏菜,在长江下游的流行。

以鱼类、甲壳类为主要成分,它强调 新鲜。


烹饪技 术包括炖,蒸,烤,炖。


典型的菜单:红烧蟹清汤,煮干丝长肉,三套鸭,水晶肉,与松鼠桂鱼,和梁溪 脆鳝Zhejiang Cuisine Comprising local cuisines of Hanzhou, Ningbo, and Shaoxing, Zhejiang Cuisine is not greasy. It wins its reputation for freshness, tenderness, softness, and smoothness of its dishes with their mellow fragrance. Hangzhou Cuisine is the most famous one of the three. Typical menu items: Sour West Lake Fish, Longjing Shelled Shrimp, Beggar's Chicken Hunan Cuisine Hunan cuisine consists of local cuisines of Xiangjiang Region, Dongting Lake and Xiangxi coteau areas. It is characterized by thick and pungent flavors. Chili, pepper and shallot are usually necessities in this variation. Typical menu items: Dongan Chicken; Peppery and Hot Chicken浙江菜 包括杭州地方菜系,宁波,和绍兴,浙江菜不油腻。

它赢得声誉,清新,温柔, 柔软性,和他们的醇厚香味的菜肴平滑。


典型的菜单项:酸鱼西湖,龙井虾仁,乞丐鸡 湖南菜 湖南菜系由湘江地区的地方菜, 洞庭湖和湘西的高地地区。



典型的菜单项目:东安鸡;胡椒和辣鸡Anhui Cuisine Anhui Cuisine chefs focus much more attention on the temperature in cooking and are good at braising and stewing. Often ham will be added to improve taste and candied sugar

added to gain freshness. Typical menu items: Stewed Snapper; Huangshan Braised Pigeon安徽菜 安徽厨师注重烹饪温度, 擅长炖。

通常会加入火腿改善口感和蜜饯糖添加到获得 新鲜。


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