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导读:CNN 推荐的 10 项上海街头小吃(英文版)CNN 推荐的 10 项上海街头小吃 A budget Shanghai snack for hairy crab fans.1. Xie ke shell pie, 蟹壳黄)Why we love it: Although aren’thuang (crabthose hairy crustaceans from Yangcheng

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CNN 推荐的 10 项上海街头小吃(英文版)CNN 推荐的 10 项上海街头小吃 A budget Shanghai snack for hairy crab fans.1. Xie ke shell pie, 蟹壳黄)Why we love it: Although aren’thuang (crabthose hairy crustaceans from Yangcheng lakeavailable year-round, xie ke huang, aka the poor Shanghainese man’s hairy crab, can be found around the town in any season.Baked in a clay oven until golden orbrown, these little oval pies are stuffed with sweetsavory fillings. The name is inspired by its appearance -freshly baked xie shells.Where ke huang look like crispy golden crabto get it: We've been coming back forWuyuan Bingjia’s savory xie ke huang for years, despite the grouchy service.Try the cong you-flavored ones(spring onion and lard, RMB 1) for the most authentic Shanghainese taste.Wuyuan Bingjia (吴苑饼家), 255Yanping lu, near Kangding Lu 延平路 255 号, 近康定路, +86 21 6256 5556, 6 a.m.-11 p.m.These yummy bunsare well worth the blisters on your tongue.2.Sheng jian (fried bun, 生煎)Why we love it: It’s hard to resistsucculent pork buns, especially when they are fried and

garnished with fresh spring onion and toasted sesame.They taste best just out of the pan -- totally worth to get it: Xiao Yang restaurant inthe blisters on your tongue.WhereSheng Jian is the best-known fried buntown, but our favorite place is a little joint named Bu Cuo Sheng Jian Wang on the corner of Fujian Zhong Lu and get four sinfullyGuangdong Lu. For RMB 6, you can delicious buns.BuCuo Sheng Jian Wang (不错生煎王),90 Fujian Zhong Lu, near Guangdong Lu 福建中路 90 号, 近广东路, +86 21 6373 1944, 7 a.m.-8 p.m.Kick-start your day with a filling rice ball.3. Ci fan (rice ball, 饭)Why 粢we love it: Ci fan is one of the most popular Shanghai. These glutinous rice balls energetic start tobreakfast foods inhave everything you ever needed for an your day.Typicalstuffing includes a you tiao (fried dough floss, white sugar andstick), pickled vegetables, porksometimes eggs and ham. Tastes best when hot.Where to get it: Hit the corner of Nanyang Lu and Xikang Lu for the most authentic Shanghainese ci fan.With a secrethomemade meat sauce and delicious fried egg stuffing, this 20-year-old Shanghai.100 ci fan stand is hands-down the best in Nanyang Lu, near Xikang Lu 南阳路 100

号, 近西康路, no telephone, around 7-10 a.m.Shanghainese deep-fried pork chop usually come chopwith a couple of rice cakes.4. Pai gu nian gao (pork with rice cakes, 排骨年糕)Whywe love it: The best part deep-fried porkof this Shanghainese dish is neither thechop nor the sweet-soy sauce glaze, it’s the nian gao.Made of glutinous rice flour, nian gao has a compact fragrant taste of sticky rice to get it: Proudly naming chops and rice cakestexture that seals the subtle, from any heavy sauce.Whereitself after the dish, Xiandelai’s porkare a must-try. Remember to sweet-talk the ayi behind the counter to giving you a freshly fried serving because it tastes like heaven while piping hot.Xiandelai Pai GuNian Gao (鲜得来排骨年糕), 9 Yandang Lu, near Xing’an Lu 雁荡路 9 号, 近兴安路, +86 21 p.m.Nothing 6386 8377, 7 a.m.-9tastes more Shanghai than these porkydumplings.5.Xiaolongbao(soup dumpling, 小笼包)Why we love it: RMB 4 usually gets you eight of these velvety and delicate Shanghai classics. The cure for any hunger good.Where to get it: xiaolongbaopang, these are seriouslyEverywhere. That is the greatest thing about-- they can be ordered at five-star restaurants, malls, food

courtsand street stalls. Our favorite, though, are from the Yunnan Nan Lu and Jinling Dongstall on the corner of Lu.Cornerof Yunnan Nan Lu and Jinling Dong Lu 云南南 these tasty soupy wontons on lucky.6. Chai Pan wonton (柴路金陵东路路口 FindJingling Dong Lu, if you're 爿馄饨)Whywe love it: Nothing beats a bowl of warm a freezing winter night.Wewonton soup at 3 a.m. onknow the soup is laden with MSG, and the cart and cookers haven’t been cleaned for at least a decade, but porkone bite of the translucent wrapper and its tasty stuffing, and you’ll know it's worth it.Whereto get it:Chaipan Wonton stands used to be seen on every street corner after 8 p.m., but only a few remain. Take a stroll down Jinling Dong Lu after a night on the Bund; you with RMBshould be able to cap your Mo?t and foie gras5 worth of joy in a bowl.Jinling Dong Lu, between Sichuan Zhong Lu and Jiangxi Lu 金陵东路, 在四川中路和 江西路之间, around 11 p.m.-laterOne of the easiestShanghai street foods to grab and go.7.Cong You Bing (green onion pancake, 葱油饼)Why we love it: The best oldgreen onion pancakes are cooked up by littlegrannies (and grandpas) who get up at 6 a.m. to cook,

knead and slap these longtangs.Wherepetite bing in the city’s manyto get it: Our favorite cong you bing black gate on Xiangyang Nan Lu, your nose and the huge linestall lies behind a bigrun by a local granny.Followto find the most authentic Shanghai scallion pancake (RMB 1.5 for one). Spoil yourself by asking for an extra egg on top of your bing (RMB 3 for an egg pancake).AhPo Cong You Bing (阿婆葱油饼), Lane 578 Xiangyang Nan Lu, near Zhaojiabang Lu, 襄阳南路 578 弄口, 近肇嘉浜路, ano telephone, Monday-Friday: 2:30 p.m.-later Have Shanghainese "donut".8. Tang gao (deep-fried 糕)Whydonut, 糖we love it: Shanghai’s answer to donuts, these Kreme look-alikes are made from sugar.They todeep-fried Krispyglutinous rice flour and coated with whitelook seriously greasy, but taste seriously good.Where get it: You can find tang gao at almost every breakfast standin the city. Grab a freshly made one (RMB 1.5) to soy milk.The breakfastgo with a cup of non-sweetenedstand on Zhejiang Zhong Lu, near Fuzhou Lu 浙江中路靠 近福州路上的早饭摊, no a.m. A relatively new face in Shanghai's street food scene, telephone, around 7 a.m.-10

duck blood soup hasattracted some die-hard followers.9. blood and glass noodle soup, 鸭Yaxue fensi tang (duck 血粉丝汤)Whywe love it: Brought to Shanghai by a few natives more than a decade ago, consider gotduck-loving Nanjingyaxue fensi tang is what many Shanghainese the go-to choice for a quick but hearty lunch.It’severything: duck soup, duck blood and entrails, green vegetables and glass for?Where noodles. What more could you askto get it: There are numerous chains around is Zhouli, thanks to their generous Laoya Fensitown, but our favoriteportions and friendly prices (RMB 12).Zhouli(妯娌老鸭粉丝), on Qipu Lu, near Zhejiang Bei Lu 七浦路, 近浙江北路, no telephone, 7:30 a.m.-7:30 p.m.Deep-friedand salted, these rice cakes are an old-school Shanghai breakfast.10. Ci fan gao (deep-fried 糕)Why rice cake, 粢饭we love it: Sometimes, simple is best. This salted cake doesn’t have fancy stuffing or pretty instantly hit theglutinous ricegarnish, but one single sheet will spot.Whereto get it: The ci fan gao stand on Zhejiang disappointed any hungry soul. crispy onZhong Lu has neverDeep-fried until golden brown, these cakes are the outside and soft and tender inside.125Zhejiang

Zhong Lu, near Fuzhou Lu 浙江中路 125 号, 近福州路, no telephone, around 7 a.m.-10 a.m.阅读原文

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